Banzo Recycling Systems

We design, install, modify and maintain waste separation plants. We take responsibility throughout the process as well as for the result. Together, we can create a new reality by rapidly phasing out of incinerating waste and pushing ahead with recycling.

This approach gives us the edge in the market.

Our drive

Recycling is essential if we are to make our world more sustainable. Legislation, subsidy instruments, social pressure and the facts: they’re all pointing to a new reality in the waste management industry. Dumping and incinerating are finite models. The future is recycling. 

We help waste management companies to achieve ambitious targets in the field of raw material recycling. And to give recycling a financial raison d’être. That is the challenge for us: this new market is full of opportunities. Together with our clients, we are working on innovation and high standards in recycling based on the right revenue model. In the Netherlands and across the planet.

Working on solutions that:

  • are geared to the way our clients collect their waste; 
  • improve the availability, efficiency and quality of the waste sorting process;
  • and match them with the demand for recycled raw material in the market.

We work for:

  • Public recyclers. Working together towards a circular economy.
  • Private recyclers. Towards future-proof waste processing.
  • Manufacturing companies. Exploring the opportunities to make your own production process circular.

Service & Parts

24/7 reliable mechanics

System Integration

Total solution for waste recycling


Keep improving your processing process


Banzo has been an expert in transport technology since 1947, and has been focusing on recycling technology since 2011. In recent years, we have successfully delivered several household waste and recycling plants to leading waste management companies in the Netherlands.

In 1947, Mr Motzheim founded Banzo in Groningen. In 2009, Banzo became the property of Metso, after which Marcel Kroon, the current director-owner, acquired it in 2011.

Leading the way in the Netherlands

Since 2011, we have been focusing on the design and installation, modification and maintenance of recycling plants. Spurred on in part by the tremendous potential in the recycling market and the leading role the Netherlands has played in this market it since 2010.

The first major successes were achieved in 2014 and 2015, when we built a plastic separation plant for sorting plastics, a separation plant for household residual waste and a separation plant for waste separated at source. These three projects were all implemented in succession at Attero in Wijster. Since then, Banzo’s plants have been up and running in and around major cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Quality, safety and the environment

Banzo is SCC**, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and NEN-EN 1090 certified.. We work with an implemented quality management system. These certificates prove that we can guarantee safety, health and environment in our business processes. That endorses our corporate social responsibility policy.

Together we can explore your business case and the possibilities for a new installation.

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