Working together to get the result

Optimise your processes Fine-tuning a plant on an ongoing basis to maximise quality, capacity and availability is an investment in your return. Banzo’s aim is to join forces with waste management companies to help them improve their performance. Our drive is to work together on plants that contribute to targets effectively.

During the modification process, Banzo does three things:

1. Improving availability.

Maintenance costs are an important component in the financial return during the service life of a plant. Our plants can process up to 70 tonnes of waste per hour. Wear and tear and downtime are predictable; they can be planned. Downtime can be avoided and costs reduced if you can manage interruptions and malfunctioning in the plant better.This gives you a better handle on costs.

2. Improving returns

Innovations, changes in the input of materials, changing demand from the market for secondary raw materials and so on. These are all reasons to fine-tune the efficiency of the plant. More attention to sorting a particular waste stream can increase the percentage of recycled material. Banzo shares ideas with you about how you can adjust the line or add components.

3. Quality of the end product

Your end products must meet a certain standard, otherwise no one will buy them. Together, we examine how we can upgrade end streams and make them purer. In our preliminary investigation, we examine the composition of the material and put forward suggestions for modifications. Sometimes this involves a conversion: the layout needs changing. 

This increases the quality of the raw material and in turn it affects the value of the final product.

We tackle your challenges head on.

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