Service & Parts

Banzo has over seventy years of experience in developing transport systems and storage and transhipment systems, and has delivered many plants on a turnkey basis. Because we combine new builds with modification and maintenance, we have a broadly deployable and highly qualified team of mechanics.

Service engineering

What makes us unique is that we do service engineering. That is why organisations choose us as a service partner. We don’t deliver an ad hoc solution, but a working one, which is directly built in to the 3D model. 

Grip on costs

Because we have broad-based service experience, we offer long-term cost control. We can you give insights into what a plant will cost during its lifetime. It means you make an investment that pays off in the long run.


Help desk

Our help desk is available 24/7 via +31 (0)88) 58 85 000 and Our team of highly qualified technicians are at your disposal. They can be on site quickly, to solve your problems. 

Remote servicing

Remote servicing is being done more and more these days. This way, malfunctions are resolved much faster and risks are identified earlier. 

Parts and upgrades

We supply parts for plants, such as conveyor belts, rollers and drums. We make customised parts in our own workshop. 


Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance avoids and limits the plant’s downtime. We use our experience, models and periodic inspections to accurately estimate when parts need to be replaced. This reduces overall maintenance costs.

Training courses

We offer training courses for employees at recycling companies, to keep their plant operating and to carry out basic maintenance. 

Technical support

We help to optimise processes and carry out tests. This ensures that you are compliant with legal safety and other obligations.

Why Banzo?

  • A well-equipped workshop
  • Good relationships with many of machinery and equipment suppliers
  • We’ve earned our stripes in engineering complex projects
  • In-house, advanced software that we use to dimension tyres
  • Everything is achieved by our own people
  • A helping hand when it’s needed
  • Minimising production loss
  • Stay compliant with legal safety and other obligations
  • Better management of plant malfunctions
  • Reduce overall expenses

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